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  • 3-7years Toothbrush

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    3-7years Toothbrush

    You can see a cartoon dog on the handle,it has purple ears,purple eyes and its purple feet were be used as the sucker.This kind toothbrush is very suitable for children under six years old or so,because of its lovely design and the stand sucker. Some detailed described below:...Read More

  • 7-13years Toothbrush

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    7-13years Toothbrush

    Lovely pink cartoon kids toothbrush FDA approved and eco-friendly healthy children toothbrush wholesale from china.soft bristle protect baby toothbrush and oral fresh.cute handle with sucker design. Handle material:PS+rubber Bristle material:nylon610 Color:pink with white Age...Read More

  • 4packs Toothbrush

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    4packs Toothbrush

    4pack toothbrush with travel caps Soft nylon bristles clean your teeth and gums gently for optimal oral care! These durable plastic toothbrushes each have a comfortable handle for better control. Great for hospitals, dental offices, hotel convenience centers, care facilities,...Read More

  • 12packs Toothbrush

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    12packs Toothbrush

    hanger card toothbrush packing for 12 pcs. Soft nylon bristles clean your teeth and gums gently for optimal oral care! These durable plastic toothbrushes each have a comfortable handle for better control. They are great for home use, hospitals, dental offices, hotel...Read More

  • Toothbrush With Dental Floss Inside

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    Toothbrush With Dental Floss Inside

    toothbrush with inter-dental brush and dental floss. This kind of oral care kits are perfect for travelling. Each kit includes a toothbrush with 50m dental floss in a compact container, which can prevent bacterial from growing. Three toothpicks with three caps is ideal from...Read More

  • Toothbrush With Paste

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    Toothbrush With Paste

    travel toothbrush with toothpaste. Perfect travel set! Brush with mint flavor toothpaste packed in blister card. Set is ideal for resale in gift shops, hospitals, pharmacies and hotel convenience centers. Travel toothbrush with toothpaste.Read More

  • Toothbrush With Interdental Brush

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    Toothbrush With Interdental Brush

    toothbrush with inter-dental toothbrush Deep and careful clean between your teeth for optimal oral health! It helps remove plaque with regular use. Great for care packages and for resale in gift shops and convenience stores. This toothbrush massage your teeth and gum gently,...Read More

  • Toothbrush With Tongue Cleaner

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    Toothbrush With Tongue Cleaner

    The dental kit is for home use, which contains toothbrush, tongue brush, dental mirror, dental pick and toothpicks, stain remover. it can be used after lunch, after smoking and drinking. The thorough clean of mouth will help you own a confident smile. Name: dental kit...Read More

  • Disposable Toothbrush

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    Disposable Toothbrush

    This plastic hotel toothbrush has PBT bristle, which feels so soft and comfortable when brushing your teeth, with the wide handle and big head design, it offers a sense of fashion. The kit is packed in individual box, the paste has different flavor, mint flavor is the most...Read More

  • Famous Toothbrush

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    Famous Toothbrush

    This adult toothbrush is under internationally famous brand name ’ L’oreal ’, it has perfect shape which will provide a very firm grip when brushing, the piano key and musical note on the handle help you have a light mood when brushing. Four colors are available. OEM design...Read More

  • Refillable Toothbrush

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    Refillable Toothbrush

    Crystal like Chinese manufactured travel toothbrush. The fashionable designed function as the protector of the dental nylon bristle. The Food degree PP material cap will antibacterial of toothbrush head. The portable handle provides users much comfort when brushing their...Read More

  • Foldable Toothbrush

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    Foldable Toothbrush

    Good quality traveling folding toothbrush. Popular light design toothbrush handle. Oral care cleaning for travelers and business man. The handle is made of healthy new PP and PS material. Innovative designed small toothbrush head is comfortable for happy journey. Double color...Read More


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