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You sure you really know dental floss?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2016

About cleaning our teeth, we , most of the time, use toothbrush only. However, according to the scientific investigation, toothbrush can only clean 70% of our teeth. While the left 30% is the gap between our teeth. And many oral problems are caused by the unclean remove of them. Therefore, we need something other to help us better clean our teeth. That is dental floss.

Dental floss can effectively remove the rest food or soft plaque between our teeth. It can also clean the plaque in our mouth. Anyway, the dental floss is of great significance in cleaning our mouth. So how many kinds of dental floss we have?

First, dental floss with wax or without wax. The friction of wax dental floss tends to be larger than wax-free dental floss, which can better clean the teeth. And people find that wax dental floss is more easily than wax-free to move between teeth.

Second, Teflon dental floss. It is more fast and easy when we use it, as it is made of Teflon, which means that it won’t stick between your teeth and can move easily.

Third is dental floss with stick. It is made of nylon. The difference of this one is that it has stick and we don’t need wrap it around our hands.

Forth, taste dental floss and tasteless dental floss. Some dental floss have some flavor like peppermint or fruit. It tastes good when we use it. 

Fifth, ribbon dental floss. This kind of dental floss is more thick, mainly using when the gap between teeth is big. It is also an ideal new dental floss, glide and easy to move between teeth.

Last one is vibrating dental floss. It is more expensive, but it is more easily to use.



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