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Will a one time toothbrush harm your teeth?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 17, 2017

Will a one time toothbrush harm your teeth?

Nowadays is a high-paced society, therefore, disposable consumer products will emerge in endlessly. The emergence of one-time toothbrushes, greatly convenient people's lives, it is simple and convenient use is also favored by the majority of people.

However this toothbrush also harm the teeth. Since these disposable toothbrush toiletries hide in a variety of hotels, often overlooked by the supervision. Compared with other household toothbrush, such product specially check less. Therefore, the hotel's one-time toothbrush almost become forgotten corners. But it would be nice to use it once or twice. If you often use, not only the thick bristle will rub the gums bleeding, and the teeth did not get effective cleaning, long-term will cause oral disease. And no antibacterial effect.

So suggest the people who use a one-time toothbrush, do not use this toothbrush too long, in order to protect your teeth.

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