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Why we use tongue cleaner?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 19, 2016

How does coating on the tongue come out? It is combined by shedding cells, bacteria and food residues, etc. As there are many bacteria and food residues on the fur, after the food residues being decomposited by the bacteria, there will produce some terrible smell. Therefore, cleaning our fur can reduce the bacteria and fresh our halitosis. Some points we need to pay attention when using tongue cleaner.

First, we should at most use tongue cleaner once a week. Frequently cleaner our tongue is not a good thing. Try not to brush our tongue too hard, slightly clean the back of the tongue as not to cause pain and discomfort. And not too long every time, brush 7 to 10 times once from the foot of the tongue to the tip.

Second, improper using of tongue cleaner will hurt our taste buds. There are many densely distributed small projections on the tongue, that is our taste buds. Wrong way to clean our tongue will stimulate our taste buds, harm our tongue nipple, and even lead to the numbness of the back of the tongue, the diminish of the taste sense, the loss of appetite, and some other bad consequences.

Last, often normal people’s fur is thin and white. If some diseases appear, the thickness and color of the tongue will all change. At this time, the tongue cleaner is useless, we should go to hospital for examination.

Here is one type of tongue cleaner I use now. This type of tongue cleaner helps to clean our tongue thoroughly and gently, with its classic design and thick rubber on the handle, it ensures a firm control on the whole process of cleaning. We can print your words on the handle.


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