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Why we need teeth whitening and how?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 18, 2016

The most outside of the teeth is the enamel, it is flat and shiny, the natural color of teeth is mostly because of the lighting of enamel. Our genes will affect the thicker enamel and smoother enamel.Thin surface membrane will forms on the enamel, and with the time passing, if we do not do oral cleaning in time, the membrane will become yellow even brown stains. If do not do some whitening work, the teeth health situation.

We have made some investigation on yellow teethe and stained enamel. To make the results to be more accurate, we interview more than 1 thousand people randomly. The most reason is for smoking, the smokers are easily to have heavily yellow teeth. To mention tobacco, another partner is wine,and some other dark color drinks like black coffee, cola, tea, red wine also have dark color. There is other people pay less attention to their teeth.

To do teeth whitening can be in dental clinic or at home. In western countries, people will go to see dental doctor regularly. The dentist will check your teeth first and find out the staining reason then make corresponding solution for you. If we whiten teeth at home, we will buy whitening gel and whitening strips. To buy a suitable home whitening home kit, then follow the directions to clean your teeth happily!


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