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Why our gingival bleed?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2016

As one of the symptoms of dentistry, bleeding gums are caused by the problems of the gingival itself or some stimulation from outside. There are two types of bleeding. Some may bleed when suck, brush teeth or chew hard food, which only a little blood and soon stop after the action. While others may bleed a lot when suffer form a little stimulation or just no reason, it’s hard to stop and usually relate to the healthy condition of that person. Though it’s not what heavy disease, but it needs raise our attention. It seriously affect our like as we eat, kiss or do something else.

So what we should notice to avoid bleeding gums in daily life?

In term of the outer effect, first, we should remove those incentives, including plaque, tartar, etc. Second, we should form a correct oral habit to reduce the dental plaque. We need to brush our teeth correctly both at morning and night, and we also need to learn how to appropriately use dental floss and toothpick. Regular examination and treatment are necessary. Last, men should quit smoking and e need to eat more fruits.

Anyway, oral health is of great significance to our life.


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