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Whether disposable toothbrush hurt teeth?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

Whether disposable toothbrush hurt teeth?

Now the major hotels in the room to provide guests with a one-time toothbrush, if the guests bring a toothbrush, do not need to use the hotel, if not, you can use the hotel to provide them with free toothbrush. Today, although many people do not support the hotel to provide a one-time toothbrush, but for the hotel to provide services for the guests to provide a comprehensive and the convenience of the guests and other factors to consider the hotel in the future development should also continue to provide guests once Toothbrush.

A disposable toothbrush is different from the regular use of toothbrushes in everyday life, and it is thrown away once or twice. Disposable toothbrush can be used once or twice, to facilitate people to travel or travel to carry, although its quality is not the best, but will not cause damage to the teeth. But if used for a long time, is not supported, because the teeth will cause some damage to the gums. So it is recommended to use a one-time toothbrush people, not too long to use, in order to protect their teeth.

From the above content can be seen, the use of disposable toothbrush advantage and disadvantages, then the hotel in the future development process in the end should not continue to provide guests with a one-time toothbrush? On the current situation, most of the guests came to the hotel, or will use a one-time toothbrush, the proposed hotel to continue to prepare a one-time toothbrush for the guests.

Although the quality of disposable toothbrush is not good, the material is excellent, but the use of one or two teeth will not cause too much harm, and because most of the guests to the hotel accommodation may not carry their own toothbrush, or feel to carry their own The toothbrush is not convenient, the hotel will need to provide them in the room a one-time toothbrush, to facilitate their use. In view of these circumstances, the hotel in the future development of the need to continue to provide disposable toothbrush.

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