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What is Nano Toothbrush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 24, 2017

What is Nano Toothbrush

Nano toothbrush refers to the use of nano-synthetic technology made with some specific properties of the toothbrush. In the market by the vast number of consumers love. It mainly includes the following advantages:

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*Nano toothbrush using "nano-antibacterial technology" and "nano-antibacterial material" made "antibacterial" effect to be better.

*Traditional toothbrush silk is used "nylon" material, and nano toothbrush is used "soft bristles", can better protect the gums.

*Nano toothbrush soft brush head, bristles using a molding technology, after disinfection, mold, bacteria can not survive.

*Nano toothbrush using high-tech nano-sterilization, anti-bacterial technology can remove the gingival scale, so that fresh breath.

*Nano toothbrush "toothbrush head" and "toothbrush handle" is separated (combined), can be a separate "brush", more flexible.

*Nano-toothbrush material contains "bamboo charcoal C active ion", adsorption and decomposition capacity and moisture resistance, can keep the toothbrush clean.

But the nano-toothbrush cleanliness as ordinary nylon toothbrush, because the bristles are too soft, but also a good protection of the gums.


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