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Toothbrush Care is not just Cleaning

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 26, 2016

In China, the first thing when we get up is to do face cleaning, the most beginning thing is to do personal oral cleaning, toothbrush plans an important role in oral hygiene and effective teeth clean. To provide safe oral hygiene process, our attention should be payed to maintain and protect the toothbrush. Some famous organizations recommends customers to change their toothbrush ever 3 month, if the toothbrush bristle already deformed, please change to new toothbrush as soon as possible.

Recently, especially these few years, experts have done studies on toothbrush, their finding show that the toothbrush will become a breeding ground for bacteria. The different bacterial may arise oral infection and cause to worse oral illness. There are more than hundreds and thousands types of microorganisms in our oral environment. So when we brush our teeth with using toothbrush, the microorganism may be transferred to brush and mixed up with the other microorganism inside of the toothbrush. When you take the toothbrush from the sealed package, there are bacteria on the brush surface. It is good to put your toothbrush in a healthy and dry environment to prevent your teeth from unnecessary damage.


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