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Tooth is in an complicated environment

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 24, 2016

We are live in a natural environment that there is harmful microbes and bacterial everywhere. Our human body has the ability to defend of these microorganism and keep us away from infections, we have a combined body self - protection mechanism that can be active. Our mouth also has the same confrontation system.Oral mucosa is a natural barrier against harmful bacterial. But our teeth is in a very complicated environment, when the body is getting sickness or the oral mucosa is broken, the natural oral system become weak, the oral health is challenged. When the harmful microbes start attach our Oral cavity, white blood cells and antibodies will come out and help us from disease.

Our tooth is in so complex oral environment, we should be very careful in daily oral cleaning. Toothbrush is the wise result of human to help us to clean our teeth and keep the oral cavity in a safe place. Health oral environment can decrease the possibility of bacterial defection.

We have been noted from some study that the microorganisms can grow on toothbrush, in fact, even we do not use the toothbrush, there will be also bacterial on toothbrush. We just need to put the toothbrush in clean cup and container, it can greatly reducing bacterial infection. If we can take sterilization to our toothbrush, it is better for our Oral hygiene.


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