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Tips for using a toothbrush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2017

Tips for using a toothbrush

1. Each person should have his or her own toothbrush, it will cause cross infection due to the mixed use.

2. After tooth brushing, please wash the toothbrush for several times, after that please try to dry the water on the bristle. Put the toothbrush in the cup or somewhere ventilated with the head up. Please do not put the toothbrush into a glass tube or toothbrush box. You’d better prepare two toothbrushes to use by turns, in which way you can prevent the toothbrush free from bacteria.

3. The toothbrush should be sterilized regularly, you can dip some soapy water on the bristle.

4. We should replace the toothbrush in time. As time goes by, the bristle lose its elasticity gradually, it will be curving and fall aside. Then the toothbrush can not work and your gum will be easily bruised. It is better to change your toothbrush every month.

5. The toothbrush with mane and nylon bristle are not allowed put in the hot water, or the bristle will lose its elasticity. Common used toothbrush are not heat resisting and are easy to be transformed. New toothbrush should be warmed in the water for some time, after that please dry it.

6. If conditions allow, please put the toothbrush into the gargle water for some time, then get out and dry it.

7. When you recover from cold or epidemic, please change another new toothbrush in time.


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