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Tips for Eliminating bad breath

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 02, 2017

Tips for Eliminating bad breath

1.       Developing the habit of washing mouth after a meal. In particular, pay attention to remove residual debris in the teeth, such foods containing high protein most likely to cause bad breath.

2.       Usually pay attention to keep the mouth moist and to drink much water .

3.       Those who have stubborn bad breath should stick to use a toothbrush to brush your teeth after every meal.

4.       Active treatment of bad breath caused by the disease, such as periodontitis, hepatitis, stomach illness and so on.

5.       Do not eat too much, satiety is easy to cause bad breath.

6.       Empty stomach time should not be too long, long time fasting easily lead to bad breath.

7.       Since eating irritating food (such as garlic) cause bad breath, you can chew tea, chewing gum or eat several jujube method to eliminate.

8.       Sleep time should not be too long, too much sleep easily lead to bad breath.

9.       Every time before dinner, do more than ten deep breath, help to avoid bad breath.

10.   Before two meals, eating some fruit can help to avoid or reduce bad breath.

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