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The advantages of dental floss

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 06, 2017

The advantages of dental floss

The emergence of dental floss in the market, called a clean revolution, tens of thousands of people benefit from the relief of dental diseases, to maintain periodontal health, but also reduced due to dental disease caused by Other diseases. Dental floss in the use of developed countries is already very common, is an indispensable living necessities for people to travel at home, and after meals the use of dental floss on the teeth of self-cleaning, just as people wash their hands before meals, like mouthwash after meals, as daily life An indispensable procedure.

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Flossing and heart, looks irrelevant, the fact is not the case. According to the British 'Daily Mail' reported on November 6, dental disease on the heart of the harm is no less than high blood lipids. The use of dental floss can prevent oral diseases, greatly reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. To this end, the American seniors expert Michael Roisen also pointed out that insisting on the use of dental floss every day, allowing you to live more than 6.4 years. Clinically, often suffering from pulpitis, periodontitis, the incidence of heart disease will increase. This is because the infection of pulp and periodontal tissue can lead to bacterial toxins into the blood circulation system, and ultimately make your heart 'implicated'.

Compared with the floss, due to the thick toothpick, can not penetrate into the seam, the cleaning effect greatly reduced. Dental floss can effectively remove the residue in the teeth and teeth on the adjacent plaque. 


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