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Steps to brush our teeth

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2016

Brushing our teeth can remove the dental plaque on the surface of the teeth. So we should brush our teeth in the morning and night every day so as to thoroughly remove the plaque to prevent from the periodontal disease.

As the dental plaque is easily gathered in the edge of the gums, so when we brush our teeth, we should put the toothbrush diagonally on the edge of the gums. And we should brush our teeth with an order. First we need to brush the outside of the lower row of teeth, put the toothbrush diagonally on the edge of the gums, and about two - three teeth as a group. Remember to brush the teeth with moderate power. Then brush the inside of the teeth, repeat the action of the first step. When we brush the inside of our front teeth, put the toothbrush straight and brush from up to down in a moderate power. And by brushing the chewing teeth surface, move the toothbrush on it for several times. At last, repeat the behaviors before about three times, so we can better clean the outside, inside of the teeth and the chewing part.

Except the techniques we should learn during the brushing of teeth, we should also choose proper toothbrush and toothpaste. And toothbrush can only remove the plaque on the surface of the teeth, if deeper clean like the gap between the teeth, we need to use dental floss, floss pick,etc.


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