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Singing toothbrush encourages kids to brush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2016

There are many dental care products for encouraging children to brush teeth everyday. These brushes should recommend a healthy way of brushing teeth 2 minutes every time. The musical toothbrush may have some special function that others kids brushes may do not have, we may call it “oral grown-up process”.

In normal market, kids toothbrush is with animated characters handles. Such kind of brushes can arise children’s brush interests but may delay the brushing time. So to encourage kids to brush their teeth, oral dentist and toothbrush supplier are making full efforts. Some teenager prefer to brush teeth like their parents. With the fashion invented, the singing toothbrush comes out. It is a kind of toothbrush with popular songs insert.

For kids, the musical brushes sounds interesting when they are doing brushing. Supplier put some famous children songs into the chips. It can really decrease Mom and Dad’s worries when kids do not want to brush teeth. When song start, the kids can realize it is time for teeth brushing, it can help children develop good oral habit.

We are now investing to develop more style of singing toothbrush, hope we can be the successful toothbrush supplier.


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