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Several living habits help everyone to protect your teeth

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 29, 2017

Several living habits help everyone to protect your teeth

Teeth is an important body chewing organs, the saying goes, good teeth is good appetite. The various shapes of teeth are suitable for a variety of purposes, including tearing, grinding of food. How to protect your teeth? Here to tell you a few good habits to protect the teeth.

1. Brush your teeth morning and night

Brush your teeth clean the residue in the teeth, tooth color stains, to prevent gum tartar accumulation, reduce bacterial growth. brushing before going to bed at night is the mouth of the "residue" of the large cleaning, cleaning the mouth after the night the amount of bacteria and bacterial reproduction are reduced, less teeth corrosion, it is not easy to cause dental disease.

2. Full chew

Eating full chew food, not only on the human body's digestive system is good, but also massage the gums, to speed up blood circulation, improve local nutrition, promote dental health effect.

3. Rinse with tea after a meal

After a meal with tea rinse mouth, can be timely to remove some of the teeth within the gap between the food residue, which greatly reduces the bacteria in the mouth, but also cut off the bacteria producing acid "forage." Tea is alkaline, can neutralize the acidic substances in food, so that the mouth to maintain a weak alkaline environment, is conducive to the protection of teeth; at the same time tea contains more fluorine, fluoride can directly enhance the tenacity and acid resistance of the teeth, effectively To prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

4. Coarse grains rice

Although the elderly are full of fish, meat, chicken, eggs eat, but more or eat coarse grains, grains, vegetables and fruits. These foods are rich in beneficial minerals to the teeth, while containing high levels of cellulose. Cellulosic food can exercise oral muscles and teeth chewing ability, so that the teeth are firm and tough, not easy to loose.

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