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Key points of baby oral care

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 14, 2017

Key points of baby oral care

If the mother choose to breastfeed baby, then the mother should pay attention to the nipple cleaning care work. Every time before the baby breastfeeding, mother should clean her hands, and clean the nipples with water, but should not use the strong taste cleaning products to avoid the baby eat by mistake or do not like the taste of clean products. After cleaning, wipe the nipples with a clean towel and give the baby breastfeeding. If it is artificial feeding, then you need to pay attention to the baby bottle cleaning, and do the work of high temperature sterilization every time, especially in the hot summer, the liquid remains in the bottle is easy to breed bacteria. In the test bottle milk temperature, we must pay attention, do not use the mouth to the baby test, to drop in the back of the hand.

We said before, do not let the baby with a nipple to sleep. Although with a nipple to sleep, the baby can play a role in appeasement. But because the baby contains a pacifier, it is easy to make the baby jaw forward, after they develop the long-term habits, it is likely to affect the baby's future facial beauty.

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