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How to use electric toothbrush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 15, 2017

How to use electric toothbrush

1. To install the brush head, the brush head will be tightly fitted into the toothbrush shaft, until the brush head and metal shaft buckle.

2. With warm water to adjust the brush softness: warm water: soft; cold water: moderate, ice water: slightly hard. We strongly recommend the first time users to first soak the brush in warm water (below 40 ℃) and then use it! After the brush has been  soaked in warm water, the brush is very supple, brush up feeling will be very comfortable. After you use 2 to 5 times like the habit, the bristles of the hardness can be decided by of the consumer.

3. To squeeze toothpaste: can be used with any one brand of toothpaste. In order to avoid toothpaste splash, it is best to plug the toothpaste before turning on the power.

4. Effective teeth brushing: brush your teeth from the thinnest the front teeth. So make the teeth in the middle of the brush bristle and gently pull back and forth, until the toothpaste blister, open the electric switch, we could use moderate force after the vibration of brush to brush from the front teeth to move back and forth toothbrush, try to clean all the teeth! In general,using electric toothbrush brush every time for two minutes can offer you a thorough cleaning effect.

5. Cleaning toothbrush bristle: After we finish teeth brushing, we should put the brush into the water, open the electric switch, gently shaking the brush body a few times, and then tapping the brush head, you can wash the remains and toothpaste.


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