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How to keep our toothbrush clean?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2016

An investigation carried out by American oral pathology specialist said that, the reason why people cant fully recover from ill or respiratory affection expect the poor individual immunity, another reason may be the use of toothbrush. Through test, dentist finds that a toothbrush, after 3 weeks of using, the amount of bacteria can be millions, which equals to the bacteria amount of 9 cups of dirty water, 29 coins and 80 times of the toilet.

In the warm and wet bathroom, and the toothpaste contain some sugar, the bacteria is easy to grow up on the toothbrush and cause some oral diseases like periodontitis, bleeding teeth, bad breath, or some diseases about digestion. Oral health is an important part of our body health.

Regularly, we change our toothbrush every three month. So how to keep our toothbrush clean in this three month? Here are two methods. First, every time after brushing, we can put the toothbrush in the soil water or vinegar for 3 minutes, or once in two or three days. It can effectively kill the remind bacteria left in the toothbrush. After that, put the toothbrush in the open air to let it dry, which can kill the bacteria and meanwhile keep the viruses from spreading. Second, we can use a cover to cover the toothbrush, that will be better.


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