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How to deal with swollen gums

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2016

The so-called swollen gums, as a matter of fact, tooth root that is a real pain. And meat swelling around the tooth is also ache. So it is called sore gums. The main cause of sore gums is that it itself suffers from gingivitis or periodontitis. The most common disorder is caused by periodontitis. Therefore in hot weather we should pay attention to protect our gum. Do not eat spicy food. In our daily life in order to avoid sore gum we should do the following things:

1.Pay attention to oral hygiene, to develop a good habit of"morning  and evening brushing, mouthwash after meals" .

2.If found that tooth decay, timely treatment.

3.It should not eat sugar, biscuits and other starch-rich food before sleep.

4.Do not eat excellent food, eat less acid and hot food.


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