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How should we clean the teeth?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

How should we clean the teeth?

Most of us already developed regular brushing habit, but we will ignore the areas between the teeth, and we do not like to take oral examination regularly. Some small oral condition changes will cause the serious dental problems in future. We advise people to find a fixed professional dentist to offer us dental tests and treat our oral disease that is in potential risk. The most useful tool is the toothbrush and toothpaste and inter-dental brush.

In the oral products market, there is also inter-dental brush and dental floss that can help us clean the teeth gap. The toothbrush can not reach all place like under the gum line. We can use floss and inter-dental brushes to clean all teeth. A dental mirror can help us to look at the back of teeth. Clean your teeth gap areas at least once a day. Our dentist can recommend us the correct size inter-dental brush and dental floss for the teeth. Hold the inter-dental brush and the floss against the tooth. Gently clean the side of the tooth. Don't forget the back of your last tooth. When clean our teeth,we should try to keep to a regular pattern like from the right to the left, from the bottom to the top. We should not miss any teeth in our mouth.


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