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General Tips for Choosing a Toothbrush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2016

We should consider of certain characteristics of manual toothbrush. No matter whatever toothbrush, choose the best adult toothbrush or kids toothbrush for your oral hygiene regardless of manual toothbrush or powered toothbrush.

To make good choices of healthy oral cleaning tooth brush, we need to think over these aspects include toothbrush Size, toothbrush Bristle variety, and Expert recommendation like dentist or Oral Consultants.

Toothbrush size: Pay more attention to the best toothbrush head, right head size will allow you clean all surfaces of your teeth and Oral cavity. Dentist advise that most adult people to use 0.5 inch width * 1 inch height toothbrush head, such size toothbrush will be easiest to use and will clean your teeth effective. Long handle toothbrush can give you comfortable hold feeling, easier to clean in your hand.

Toothbrush bristle variety: Nylon bristle toothbrush is very good for home use. When you go to a shop, you can find there are soft, medium, and hard bristle various toothbrush. For most people, they think soft bristle toothbrush will be comfortable and safe choice. It depends on how you brush your teeth,smoker and coffee tea drinkers had better use medium bristle and hard bristle.To protect your teeth and gums well, you should surely select a rounded bristle toothbrush.


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