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General Recommendations for Toothbrush Care

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 10, 2016

Our company has Long-term cooperation with Oral health institutions. We not only offer good oral brush choice to our customer but also provide them with the following toothbrush care recommendations.

Sometime, we may have relatives and friend to visit us and stay for several days, they will also need to brush teeth in the morning, please do not share your toothbrushes. Sharing a toothbrush is a high risk for brush users. Different users has different oral environment and body microorganisms, if we share toothbrush, it will be a risk for infections and exchange infections. We are not sure if these user already have infectious disease. To make full consideration of our health, use different toothbrush and prepare some new toothbrush in stock.

It is easier for people especially for old people to get disease and oral disease, to use individual brush is very important. To prepare special brush for aged people and prepare a place for them to put their oral cleaning tools, aged people is of Immune system is low. Try our best to protect all oral health of all family members.


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