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Environmental biodegradable toothbrush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 23, 2017

Environmental biodegradable toothbrush

Environmental toothbrush is made of pure natural materials, such as bamboo, PLA (corn starch) as raw material injection molding plastic toothbrush.


Bamboo toothbrush: whether brush or brush handle is made of bamboo, bristles used bamboo fiber mixture, brush handle with natural bamboo.

PLA toothbrush: PLA toothbrush handle is made of PLA (corn starch), bristles with diamond-grade bamboo charcoal C active ion.


Both bamboo toothbrush or PLA toothbrush is a biodegradable, low-carbon green toothbrush, in line with current environmental requirements of low-carbon.


Since the special bamboo material, so bamboo toothbrush in the removal of oral odor, inhibit the growth of bacteria is particularly effective. In addition, bamboo toothbrush also has high strength, impact resistance, recyclable, waterproof, pest control and so on.

Environmental toothbrush is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no unpleasant smell on the human body, livestock, the environment are non-toxic harmless, is the best choice to replace traditional plastic toothbrush.


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