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Do you choose right toothbrush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 22, 2017

Do you choose right toothbrush?

Toothbrush, we use every day. With it, our teeth can be clean and healthy. Toothbrush is good or bad that will directly affect the teeth cleaning and the health of teeth. Can not correctly choose and use a toothbrush, and there is your unexpected harm!

Commonly used bad toothbrush can cause oral cancer. Poor bristles toothbrush are generally rough, it is easy to damage the gums and oral mucosa. Occasional damage of mucosa can be automatically repaired, but if it suffered from repeated injury, it is easy to cause cancer.

Second, the long-term use of inferior toothbrushes can not completely remove the bacteria in the mouth, can cause carcinogenic nitrosamines and lead to stomatitis, and some cells in the hyperplasia state is very sensitive to carcinogens, if we use long time inferior toothbrushes, the oral cancel may occur.

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Toothbrush bristle is too hard, it is easy to cause gingival recession. Many people think that the hard toothbrush will be more favorable to clean teeth, and will clean up more thoroughly. But in fact this practice is harmful to the teeth. Because if you choose too rough and thick toothbrush, it is difficult to clean the gap and the hidden surface of the tartar, cleaning effect will be declined. And hard bristle toothbrush often scratch the gums, leading to gum bleeding, injury or gingival recession. The dentist advise us to choose the medium toothbrush, and old people and children can use soft toothbrushes.


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