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Dental Powder

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 02, 2017

Dental Powder

Dental powder can help the teeth clean, effectively remove the teeth on the surface of bacteria, stains, calculus, restore the normal color of the teeth, with the role of whitening teeth.

The main ingredient of dental powder is natural antibacterial polyphenols and vitamin D, etc., can whitening teeth, descaling, inhibition of plaque.

Dental-Bleaching Powder in the use of time, you can use a toothbrush dip water, and then throw clean, so that the toothbrush a little tide, but no water drops down on the line, and then dip a toothbrush powder, gently brush, this situation 2-3 Minutes can be, so according to the use of the above method can be more conducive to oral health.

Dental-Bleaching Powder is for those due to diet caused by tartar, tea and other pigments have a good effect on the deposition, for the enamel from the inside to the kind of yellowing is not the role. Wash the teeth have a certain role in the clean, brush your teeth do not swallow the stomach, brush your teeth after full mouthwash, in addition, this do not long-term use, long-term use will make teeth become rough, no luster.

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