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Customized new brush design

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2016

More and more buyer come to find us to produce their design, some design is possible to be turned into reality but others are very difficult to make.

Here we want to introduce a hair brush customer. He is from United states, last year, he find us and send us an inquiry of toothbrush, he send us a rough drawing of his ideas. It is a hair brush for curly hair people to brush hair gel. 

It is a very hard time to understand a brand new design, it is a folding hair brush. He asked us to make changes based on our present design, we make 2 times design for him but still can not get his key point.

To do customized design have many difficulties, customer throw you a new toothbrush design, you must have full understanding of his design, then you need to find or you already have a designer to make change the design for you until customer confirm it. Then to print a 3D model and send to customer to double confirm, if no problem, we will open a new mold for this new brush, and make a test production. We will send products to customer for triple confirm, final, it comes to the mass production. Customized is difficult but why so many people choose to offer the service, it is for the high profit and unique. 


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