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Customers from India

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2016

Yesterday, one of my customer came to China, and wanted to visit our factory. Actually, about his visit, it’s a long story. About one month age, he contacted me in the Alibaba, and added my whatsapp, we chatted on it and he said he wound buy two higher containers, including kids and adult. Anyway, it’s not important. I thought he was big customers, after providing him the price, there is no response. And then he tell me he wound come to China. First said the end of the August, and then the first week of September, and finally 9.20th. And indeed, he came at 20th of September.

Then another story started.

A man called me yesterday morning, and said he is my customer. We were about to meet in the factory at 2’clock in the afternoon. But David called me at 2:15 pm, and said no people came till that time. So i called him again, and they said they are in other factories, but did not remind us. This made me angry. And so did my boss. But in about 3’clock, they called me again, and then David went and get them in the other factory. Today, boss told me the Indians are not OK, three person, three container in total. And they did not accept our price.

Anyway, this is not a happy visit.

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