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Children Small Head Toothbrush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 19, 2016

Children Small Head Toothbrush

Soft, Rounding, Small Brush Head, Cartoon Design.

[Applicable Scope]
Fit for the Kids from 0 to 6 in use.

The application of rounding technology will make the baby feel rather comfortable in the process of brushing, and enable the baby to form a good habit of brushing teeth slowly when brushing. It will protect the baby's tender gum more effectively, prevent the tooth decay and make the baby's teeth healthier and stronger.

1) The soft brush will care for the Kids's tender wall of oral cavity carefully and guard the gum.

2) With the rubber anti-skidding handle, feels comfortable by hand, and the Kids can deal with it freely, which will help to cultivate the correct brushing habit.

3) The design of the brush handle is vivid and lively, helpful to improve the interest for use.

[Application Scopes]
1, (0-6 years old baby teeth period)
Small brush head design, concise and comfortable brush handle is more suitable for baby teeth period.

2, (5-9 years old early mixed dentition period)
Small brush head design, Pot-bellied, cartoon and comfortable brush handle is more suitable for early mixed dentition period.

3, (8-12 years old later mixed dentition period)
Small brush head design, elastic, cartoon and comfortable brush handle is more suitable for later mixed dentition period

4, Su Shuang Baby Finger Toothbrush & Gum Massager

1, Adopts food grade liquid silicone, soft and rich in elasticity, safe and non-toxic

2, Teeth tartar and tongue coating will be emerged when the baby is teething, Mother can use the finger toothbrush to clean the teeth in front, clear the tongue coating on the back, and also massage baby's gums, so as to alleviate the discomform during teething phase, and do a good job for baby's oral health.

3, Let the baby lay in the arms of mother, mother can fix to the baby's head in one hand, and use the finger toothbrush to clean baby's teeth and gums with warm boilided water by the other hand.

4, please clean the finger toothbrush with water before using, and then put it into boiling water for disfecting 3-5 minutes, in addition, the regular check is needed, if there are any bite marks or soft expansion etc. Please change immediately.


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