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Bamboo toothbrush production line

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2016

Bamboo toothbrush is popular now, we have introduced the production line into our workshop. To produce the best bamboo products, we are strict in each steps of production process.Mao bamboo it the most wide used materials for bamboo arts. Our raw material is from Zhejiang province, There are so much bamboo planter, to choose this place to buy our material is because there is topographical advantages in this place. The bamboo can be planted well in the deep mountain. 

Our bamboo suppliers are all local farmers, they plant the bamboo for many years and they feed their family by the bamboo related products. They are simple and pure farmers, we ask them only cut the good bamboo, they go to the mountain and will cut down the bamboo tree by specially knife, and throw the bamboo into river and then float to the processing factory. They cut the bamboo into bigger pieces and do some Preliminary treatment, then send to our factory in Yangzhou, we will do the following work. 

We must produce the different bamboo model by our forming machine, in the process, many materials are wasted, that is why the unit price is much higher than plastic toothbrush.


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