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What is the usual process of making a toothbrush?

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 07, 2017

Contemporary toothbrushes are produced mechanically. Generally, toothbrushes consist of plastic handles and nylon or natural boar bristles.

1.Molding the handles

Plastic is mixed and shaped into pellets. The pellets are then placed in an injection molding machine, which heats the plastic until it is melted. A rotating screw or plunger forces the liquid plastic into the handle molds. The molds form the entire handle, including the small holes, called cores, into which the bristles are inserted. The molds are securely clamped, and pressure is applied to the molds while the plastic cools. Once the molds have adequately cooled, the clamps are removed, and small pins push the handles out of the molds.

2.The filling machine

The bristles, which are usually made of nylon, are positioned into the core of the handle automatically. The bristles are then stapled into the core with tiny metal staples.

3.Trimming the bristles

Next, the toothbrush passes through a trimming machine which slices the bristles to the correct length and shape for the particular design.

4.Packaging the toothbrushes

The toothbrushes are packaged into cardboard and/or plastic containers. Labels are attached to the package, providing product information such as bristle hardness, as well as recommendations for usage. If the brand is approved by the American Dental Association, the Seal of Acceptance is also stamped on the container.

5.Finally, the packaged toothbrushes are bundled into larger shipping boxes or crates and transported to distributors.


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