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Three ways to protect your teeth

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Three ways to protect your teeth

1. Change A Toothpaste Every Month

We can not use one toothpaste for a long time. We can change the brand and type every month. Besides, the longer toothpastes used, the more chance attached the bacterial. So the toothpaste we choose should be used for a month.

2. Wash The Teeth Half A Year

Tobacco and alcohol corrode teeth, depositing a large number of dental plaque, melanin and calculus on the surface of the tooth. Dental experts found that it’s easy to find periodontal on men teeth. Because they have bad diet habit and always smoke. The dental experts advise that we should pay attention to the speed of calculus growing. We also need tho wash our teeth half a year.

We should eat VC type food. If you lack vitamin C, you may have periodontal disease, so you must eat a diet rich in vitamin C every day. vegetables, oranges, lemons contain a variety of trace elements and vitamin C. They are the food which can protect your teeth better.

3. Warm Water Brushing

Put your toothbrush with toothpaste in warm for about 3 minutes. This behavior can make the blister soft and elastic,reducing frictional loss of bristles to teeth and stimulating damage to the gums.

Three ways to protect your teeth


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