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Interdental brush

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2017

Interdental brush

Interdental brush is similar to ordinary toothbrush, divided into two parts and the brush handle, the biggest difference lies in the design of the brush head. The interdental brush’s head is conical shape, there are different size models, suitable for different width of teeth, can choose according to different specifications of the brush to clean the teeth and tooth surface. The brush handle and brush teeth with the length of the points, when the interdental brush handle without damage, only needs to replace the brush head regularly, very convenient and affordable.

The utility model is characterized in that a brush head is fixed at the end of the brush handle, and the top of the brush hair is made into a slope shape with an inclined plane. Interdental brush is used to clean the teeth in the mouth, and is characterized in that the brush handle end is fixed with a bundle of bristles, brush the top made of slope shape with an inclined surface, a Taiwan brush on the brush handle end, the brush bristles are fixed on the table, can also be teeth brush handle through the brush handle and a connecting pin the toothbrush is a brush handle two brush can be folded, which is convenient to carry and place, suitable for cleaning the teeth brush teeth in the food residue, the use effect is good, easy to popularize, enabling people to protect the teeth and oral hygiene.

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