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How to use toothbrush correctly

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 09, 2017

How to use toothbrush correctly

As a toothbrush to clean the teeth is very necessary for oral health, therefore, the toothbrush also needs the correct maintenance.

(1) Wash the toothbrush thoroughly after each use, and shake the water as far as possible, the toothbrush head up on the mouth cup, or placed in a ventilated place where sunlight, make it dry and sterilization. Avoid placing the toothbrush in a closed container. In a closed container, the toothbrush is difficult to keep dry. Compared to the dry environment, wet environment is more conducive to the rap.

(2) Can be used alternately 2 to 3 toothbrushes, toothbrushes to extend the drying time. This is particularly important for people with gingivitis and periodontitis. In addition,  the use of rotation can also maintain the flexibility of the bristles.

(3) Do not share toothbrushes with others. People who share the toothbrush will bring about the exchange of body fluids and microorganisms, making the risk of cross-infection increased. Such behavior for immunocompromised people, in the infection of people, with particular attention.

(4) If you have a cold, it is best to disinfect toothbrush disinfectant or replace a new toothbrush. In addition, the family members do not put the toothbrush together, but more than a tooth cylinder placed, so more conducive to infectious disease prevention and control.


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