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Caries prevention methods

Yangzhou E.S.Toothbrush Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

Caries prevention methods

1, develop good brushing habits: Brush sooner or later;After breakfast before brushing teeth more appropriate, be sure to brush your teeth before going to sleep at night; after eating, the best brush or rinse mouth sour food to dilute.

2, use the correct method of brushing teeth: choose the right toothbrush, and brush your teeth without too much effort;

When brushing the teeth, the edge of the gum should be tilted, and the toothbrush will be tilted 45 degrees, from the inside to the outside so that the teeth and gums can be brushed.

3, the use of dental floss: if there is a food residue in the teeth of the card slot, the best use of dental floss to provoke.

4, eat less snacks, especially sweets:

Eating snacks can affect the eating of the meal, and it also causes the food to stay in the teeth for a long time, which can cause the tooth decay microorganisms to grow and accelerate the tooth damage.

5, a balanced diet:

Take more vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.

6 regular oral examination:

Every half year for oral examination, early detection, early treatment.

7, pit and fissure closure: pit and fissure sealant is not to remove the occlusal surface of the tooth tissue, coated with a layer of adhesive resin on it, to protect the tooth pit, fissure, not affected by bacteria and acidic substances;

Six year old teeth (six year eruption), second molar (12 years old eruption), deciduous teeth (2 years old eruption), to the hospital after two years to do the pit and fissure closure, can effectively prevent tooth decay.

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